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Fort Troff Hammock Hangar Sling

• Mesh Hammock
• Scooch-Free Rubber Feet
• Unique Tri-Leg Design
• Includes Two Pillows
• Requires 12.5 sq ft
• Assembles in Minutes, No Tools Required
• Hammock and Stirrups are Machine Washable

Sling play beats bed bangin’ ANY day. Go legs-up, fully supported, in pure BLISS. Launch this E-ticket ride with our FT Hammock Hangar. It all begins with the MOST stable Frame ever built. The FT Unibar vertical supports are SEAMLESS….a point of distinction from other sling frames. This one-piece construction delivers UNMATCHED stability. Our Interlock design, at the top and bottom, provides CORE resilient strength. Ride on a frame that is planted with 3 sure-footed BIG BOOT grips. Experience a rock steady ride…with ZERO distractions. Nestle into our revolutionary MESH hammock for max comfort. The open-weave design BREATHES for long-ridin’ comfort. You are supported with TWO ballistic nylon pillows. FT Hammock Hangar is equipped with infinitely adjustable nylon straps + stirrups. Unlike conventional chain supports, these silent assisters deliver a clank-free ride. They adjust to the perfect position in seconds. With it’s unique tri-leg design, Hammock Hangar works in the tightest of barracks. It nestles perfectly in corners and requires only 12.5 sq feet (1.2m2 sq meters) of space. It assembles in minutes with no tools required. The hammock and stirrups can be removed for machine washing. Go TACTICAL…add new tools to your Hammock Hangar. The Special Ops mirror adds visual eye candy for the sub. The Provision Pod keeps your lube and paper towels within arm’s reach. Attach our FT Gunner Fuck Machine with the matching mount and cruise SOLO.

UPC Code 782421088101

SKU 1105-01-BX

Total Length Length: 72 in. (182.9 cm) - Height: 75.75 in. (192.4 cm)

Width/Diameter 67.75 in. (172.1 cm)

Package Weight 70 lbs / 31.75 kg

Material Carbon Steel, PP, ABS, Natural Rubber

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