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Merci Bind & Tie 50 Feet

• Expertly Crafted 100% Natural Hemp Rope
• Suitable for Shibari and Other Rope Play
• Soft, Sturdy 6mm Weave
• Ready to Use
• Reinforced Ends Prevent Unraveling
• Premium Three-Strand Twisted Design

Rope is the original bondage and restraint tool, and finding the right rope for the job is essential for safe, pleasurable play. We created our Merci Hogtied Bind & Tie Hemp Bondage Rope-- 50 feet of strong, natural hemp rope in a 6mm width ideal for most types of rigging—to meet your every need. The flexible hemp fibers bend with the body and slide smoothly across skin for the optimal comfort and safety of the bound partner, and offer a moderate amount of friction to keep your knots firm yet easy to undo. The versatility, strength, and smooth whipped ends of this rope make it perfect for full restraint, shibari, and many other rope play styles.

UPC Code 782421089849

SKU 2404-23-BX

Total Length 50 Feet

Material Hemp

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