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Merci The Paradox - 50mm

• Metal C-Ring for Intense Sensation
• Split-Ring Design and Velvet-Touch Silicone Sheath for Safe, Comfortable Use
• Delays Ejaculation and Prolongs Erection
• Enhances Size and Thickness
• Easy to Clean    • Top Rack Dishwasher-Safe
• Hypoallergenic, Nonporous, and Odorless
• Phthalate-Free, Body-Safe

Looking for something stronger? This exclusive design combines the extreme feel of a stainless steel cock ring with the precision fit of durable silicone. Featuring an open-sided metal ring sheathed in a sturdy, stretchable band of premium silicone, this design strikes the perfect hard/soft balance of stretch and rigidity. A beveled edge intensifies the pressure in all the right places to complete the experience.

UPC Code 782421089795

SKU 2402-40-BX

Width/Diameter 0.7 in. (18 mm)

Package Weight 0.16 kg / 0.35 lbs

Ring Inner Diameter 1.97 in. (50 mm)

Material Silicone/Metal

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